Easter Dinner 2018

Easter fell on the tail end of spring break for me this year. It was a balance of tasty food and reasonable scope…as much as possible. I spent the holiday with my family and friends tackling and then enjoying the following menu.

Double smoked ham – I bought two ham steaks from my local farmer’s market. All the ham had in it was sea salt and sugar. All I did was plop it on the stove to heat up. It was delicious!

Apple chutney sauce – Found and used this recipe from the blog, The Spruce, for inspiration and added brandy. The trick was to get the apples super soft.

Spinach salad – I made up this recipe. I used spinach I bought at my farmer’s market. The spinach leaves I bought were so big! They were the size of my hand and bigger. The dressing was thrown together on the fly and I mixed it with farmer’s cheese, dried cranberries and candied pecans.

Potato rolls with cultured butter – Used this favorite recipe from Bon Appetit. Came out amazing as usual!

Glazed carrots – Used Alton Brown’s recipe.

Mac ‘n’ cheese – I used my own recipe for this. Made a bechamel base with pinch of nutmeg, ground mustard and cayenne pepper and mixed in medium Tillamook cheddar, and Trader Joe’s quattro formaggio shredded cheese. Mixed in cavatappi 4-color pasta and layered the mixture in a Pyrex square dish with Hunt’s stewed tomatoes.

My mom brought these beautiful eggs. She used a technique with egg white wash and tissue paper to create such a cute daisy design!

No complaints from anyone about dinner. So.much.food.!