Roasted Potatoes with Veggie Tumeric Curry

What to do with a bunch of potatoes? I needed to search around to see what tasty dishes I could make. I found this recipe from The Garlic Diaries blog. It was an… Continue reading

“Banilla” and Date Chia Pudding

Last week I ate at a local fast food restaurant which specializes in nutritious food to go. Nutritious, not gluten-free, not vegan, not natural, not farm-to-table and not any other buzz-wordy descriptions for… Continue reading

Easter Dinner 2018

Easter fell on the tail end of spring break for me this year. It was a balance of tasty food and reasonable scope…as much as possible. I spent the holiday with my family… Continue reading

Banana, Peanut Butter, Rice & Milk Smoothie

I stumbled upon a recipe for a smoothie with typical smoothie ingredients in it and also some quinoa from Simple Quinoa blog (recipe here). While I didn’t have cashew milk around or any prepared… Continue reading

Shrimp Ramen with the right amount of Shrimp

Remember the cup of shrimp Ramen which always had the crumb-size shrimps and only two of them for the entire cup? Well this ramen fixes that! Homemade lobster broth, shrimp with shell and green… Continue reading

Very berry Trader Joe’s cereal discovery 

I am lucky to have a Trader Joe’s around because I enjoy access to novelty rotational products and a store that feels happy. One unique part of the Trader Joe’s shopping experience is… Continue reading

Nutritious Yogurt, Fruit & Pistachio Sundae/y

What in the world is that hot mess? It’s my best shot at a dessert in a household without all of the typical, processed goodies. Cringe away if this isn’t your boat, but… Continue reading

Sweet corn chowder

My friend dropped off a bunch of produce that wouldn’t get used due to travel. Getting random stuff is a welcome challenge in my kitchen. I love figuring out something tasty and nutritious… Continue reading

Asian Stir fry with vegetable hodge podge

Naturally sometimes one accumulates a lot of vegetables and also get cravings for vegetable dishes. I saved this entry as a draft and it being weeks later I now don’t remember exactly how… Continue reading

Another variation of my own miso soup

A couple weeks back, I made an interesting version of miso soup improvising with what I had to make the broth. I used a combination of vegetable broth and clam juice, figuring that dashi is… Continue reading