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French (green) Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk and Indian Spices

French (green) Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk and Indian Spices This is based on a recipe I found using a google search for ingredients I have in my fridge that I did not… Continue reading

French-esque, One Pot, Hearty – Lentil & Chicken Stew

French-esque, One Pot, Hearty – Lentil & Chicken Stew Ok, so….I’m blown away. It looks like vomit, from many angles, but don’t let appearance fool you!  This creation is based on a recipe… Continue reading

First pizza from scratch

My first from scratch pizza. It’s topped with slices of a mozzarella ball, pizza sauce from Trader Joe’s, thin-sliced high-lycopene tomatoes from Holland also from Trader Joe’s, Vidalia onions, organic cremini mushrooms, and… Continue reading

Red borscht soup

Nothing better than a big Dutch oven full of red borscht. Onions, carrots, green cabbage, tomato paste, red beets, sugar, pulled pork, home made pork broth, diced tomatoes, butter potatoes, beans, lemon juice,… Continue reading

Herbed butter

Make your own herbed butter. Softened butter with fresh dill, parsley, garlic and s+p under a hand mixer.

Cherry glaze donuts

Today’s project…

Stashing Mac ‘n’ cheese

Gearing up for the fall! Personal size, three-cheese, baked mac ‘n’ cheese tins cooling down so they can be vacuum-sealed and frozen.