A 2012 goal for me is to trek over to Europe. My friend Tom and I have set a mid to late September dates for the trip. We met this weekend and made a ton of progress narrowing down paths we can travel over 2 weeks. Pictured is our first cut at a feasible itinerary.

I am super passionate about this trip as I’ll get to visit friends and family I have not seen in a very long time. In addition—I will be visiting Kiev, Ukraine where I was born and haven’t been back to since I left in 1994. It will be a very personal and exploratory experience for me.

Here’s the itinerary to date:

Fly into London > Warsaw, Poland > Lviv, Ukraine > Kiev, Ukraine > Istanbul, Turkey > one of these: Bucharest or Transylvania, Romania OR Budapest, Hungary > Berlin, Germany for Oktoberfest > Fly out of Berlin or London. 

Please let me know if you have been to any of these countries and cities and can offer advice on traveling to/in those countries, share things to see/do or introduce Tom and I to local friends that would be up for meeting us over a meal or an activity.