Stop Delaying That Big Trip. Stop It.

(By the way, the title of this post is a link to the Thought Catalog article by Chelsea Fagan which my blog entry is my commentary on)

As someone that has put off traveling for a year because A) I’ve never done it, like for real not with family or on a cruise or to the Jersey shore, before and B) I couldn’t find someone with capital, time or PTO to spend to go with…I am a huge supporter of recognizing your own B.S. and doing something about it.

Last March I flew to Miami, FL by myself and had a blast. I befriended nice couchsurfers, stayed at a sweet South Beach house via and found stuff to do through the couchsurfing network each day. The experiment was my way of proving to myself that I can solo-travel, survive and have a great time. 

Go. Travel. NOW. (if that’s what you are putting off) 

Stop Delaying That Big Trip. Stop It.