Enhanced CCoMS

Enhanced CCoMS 

Tonight was a bit of a hassle when I left my wallet at home and realized I couldn’t buy the ingredients for butternut squash soup while I was out. I thought I could substitute some of the ingredients and make a pumpkin soup with frozen, homemade puree, but I was still missing coconut milk. 

While I was digging through my pantry, I found a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup (CCoMS). You can see where this is going and what my dinner was going to be.

While it wasn’t fancy, hard or time-consuming (scoff!! lol), I did want to dress up my CCoMS. And I did. I busted out milk, fancy dried forest mushrooms and fresh parmesan cheese. 

I used milk so the soup would be richer; dried mushrooms so the mushroom flavor was more intense and there was additional texture; and parm cheese to add more umami and salt.

And…drumroll, please…it was tasty!..and inexpensive..and easy – everything I wanted my warm-me-up meal to be.