Easy weeknight dinner: Demerara sugar-crusted pork chop, arugula salad, infused brown rice



The “money shot”


With the new year, comes new inspiration. One of those inspirations is from the book, “The Jungle Effect,” by Daphne Miller M.D. The message isn’t new, but inspiring just at the right time for me. High-quality food full of nutrients is important and it does matter.

This doctor has seen in her practice, travels, observations and interviews that the difference in health in our modern world is diet (and exercise). BAM! That’s new right?

No, but the wisdom in indigenous diets that have evolved, and evolved generations of people is. She writes about epidemiologists’ disease “cold spots” around the world and the foods behind the diets.

The message was a timely one for me, and one I’m working on incorporating in 2016, starting with this meal:

  • Demerara sugar, panko and spice crusted pork chop
  • Organic arugula and cherry tomato salad in olive oil & sea salt
  • Brown rice cooked with chicken broth and fennel pollen

The rub is a mixture of demerara sugar, panko, paprika, cayenne pepper, oregano, rosemary, garllic powder, basil, salt and pepper.

The rice is cooked in my Zojirushi rice cooked with organic chicken broth, and a pinch of fennel pollen.


More “money shots” of the finished pork cooked to 145°F.imageimage