Pepper, Leek & Cheddar Quiche Pie


This right here is a whole lot of learning in one photo. It is a quiche/pie in a from-scratch savory crust filled with eggs, cheddar, red peppers, leeks and fresh basil and parsley.

This dish was a challenge for me to make for many reasons. For one, I hate making pie crusts because they usually get gooey and are a pain to work with. Second, I didn’t make enough filling the first time around and had to make more and add it when the pie was half baked already.

In the end, the quiche pie came out great and stayed intact when cutting slices (a first). Im not 100% sold on the ingredient combination as I feel it’s missing some flavor, but otherwise is tasty!

Here’s the lessons I learned:
1. Use frozen butter to elongate the duration of cold dough while mixing it.
2. Cool the dough in the fridge while you’re not working it to keep it from becoming a mess to work with.
3. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough and use the pin to roll the dough onto itself if you’re trying to move it from a counter to a tray.
4. Flour and parchment is your friend when you’re rolling out the dough.
5. If you’re using a pie dish, make sure you measure the amount of filling needed and make enough.
6. Par bake the dough to keep it from getting soggy. Use cheese as your first layer between the dough and other ingredients to create a barrier.
7. If you don’t have pie balls or rice, lentils can be used as a substitute when baking.
8. Know your oven.
9. A food processor with a dough attachment is equally effective as a stand mixer at making the dough.