Dutch Baby Success!

For a while I’ve been seen Dutch babies and have heard about them. It’s a recipe that’s been on my back burner for some time and this weekend I finally gave it a try.

I used a well-reviewed and tried NYT recipe. I read a few of the reviews and several said that was a versatile recipe which people adjusted to fit their needs. Some removed the sugar to make it savory. Others left it and baked it with thematic ingredient such as jalapenos and cheese, or fresh apple slices and cinnamon.

For me, I I used 1.5 ts of demamera sugar, 1/2 cup of Bob’s Red Mill specialty bread flour (all I had on hand) and left everything else as is. Oh, and also a pinch of salt since the recipe did not overtly request it. Another reviewer said the trick to making it poof is to use room-temperature ingredients. I heated up the milk so it was overly warm and would heat up the eggs a bit. The resulting mixed batter felt a little warm.

My Dutch baby came out perfect! It poofed and had slight sweetness. It also captured many textures from tender and eggy, to toasted and crispy. I enjoyed the Dutch baby quartered, lightly drizzled with honey, and with plain, kefir yogurt.
I’m not sure why so much butter. I felt it was way too much. I only used about 2 tbsp, not the four it called for, and some still pooled on the pancake instead of lubricating the pan. The pancake center stuck to my cast iron pan a bit so I would definitely use less or no butter next time and instead wipe the pan with a layer of olive oil.

For approximately 35 minutes of prep and wait, the result was so effortless and tasty! I would do this again next time I need a side of “bread” in a pinch.