Disgusting Buffalo Chicken Dip

This weekend I attended a random holiday party at a neighbor’s. One of the disgustingly delicious dishes there was a buffalo chicken dip which I gorged on using nacho chips as my oral delivery vessels.

I came home feeling pretty damn awful for eating so much un-nutritious food. I felt so awful about it that the next day I could not squash a craving for more of the same dip. 

I went to the supermarket straight away to pick up the ingredients for the dip; a rotisserie chicken, Frank’s red hot sauce, ranch dressing and Neufchatel cheese. I already had shredded cheese at home.
I combined all of the ingredients on my stove top, heated them up until the concoction bubbled, and then I gorged! I reduced my culinary morals with making this recipe. Shamefully, I didn’t even bother moving the dip into a serving bowl..I dipped straight from my saucier.

Oh man. I don’t think I would ever make this again. I have no idea what to do with this much dip made from $15-worth of ingredients. It was delicious. Again. Not as delicious as last night’s because of the less fat — faux healthy — ingredients, I suspect. 

In addition to the lower fat cream cheese, I also used some Hidden Valley Greek yogurt ranch instead of the regular stuff. Ugh, I wasn’t sure what would be worse; regular, shelf-stable ranch dressing or a lesser fat one made from “Greek” yogurt, also shelf stable.

Never again shall I indulge this way. For now, I will enjoy it while it lasts 😁.