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Easy, fancy, no-knead bread recipe using a Dutch oven

If you’re a novice bread baker with high aspirations of crafting beautiful loaves that are crusty on the outside, and are spongy and nonuniform on the inside, and who has tried attaining this… Continue reading

Red borscht soup

Nothing better than a big Dutch oven full of red borscht. Onions, carrots, green cabbage, tomato paste, red beets, sugar, pulled pork, home made pork broth, diced tomatoes, butter potatoes, beans, lemon juice,… Continue reading

Herbed butter

Make your own herbed butter. Softened butter with fresh dill, parsley, garlic and s+p under a hand mixer.

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev. Panko and parsley/dill/garlic butter filling fried to beautiful crispy crunchiness and finished in the oven.

Cherry glaze donuts

Today’s project…


  Thai-style iced tea. Vanilla bean and star anise simple sugar, black tea, heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk make a super refreshing summer treat. Recipe compliments of Bon Appetit magazine.