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Homemade mascarpone cheese is REALLY easy to make!

For this year’s Thanksgiving, I changed-up my recipe for mashed potatoes to one which has mascarpone in it.  I went with a roasted garlic potatoes recipe again, but this time the potatoes were… Continue reading

8/30/2015 experimentation dinner

On the menu: Mix cheese plate. Homemade white hearth bread, with cultured butter. Whole duck, brined in OJ and herbs, steamed and roasted. Creamy polenta with fresh corn, herbed tomatoes, pecorino romano cheese.… Continue reading

First pizza from scratch

My first from scratch pizza. It’s topped with slices of a mozzarella ball, pizza sauce from Trader Joe’s, thin-sliced high-lycopene tomatoes from Holland also from Trader Joe’s, Vidalia onions, organic cremini mushrooms, and… Continue reading

Ugly strawberry pie

Ugly strawberry pie. Used bon appetit’s recipe from the June 2015 issue. I am proud I got the pie past making the dough and rolling it out. Everyone shows their beautiful food on… Continue reading

Apple clafoutis

Apple clafoutis. I enjoyed the cherry clafoutis recipe from the weekend so much, I decided to use up four old gala apples and make another for a midweek treat. Nothing beats a beautiful,… Continue reading

Cherry clafoutis

Cherry clafoutis. I guess it was good.

Sous vide curry chicken 

Sous vide chicken in curry sauce, 161° for 2.5 hours. First picture is the final product. Made the curry sauce, and enveloped the chicken in the sauce, before pouring into vacuum seal bags… Continue reading

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev. Panko and parsley/dill/garlic butter filling fried to beautiful crispy crunchiness and finished in the oven.

Lasagna fever

Lasagna fever.

Fettuccine Alfredo from scratch

Fettuccine Alfredo from scratch. Pasta made with flour and semolina, and hand-rolled.