Digging HOLSTEE’s Manifesto..their signature message and the lifestyle their brand promotes. The company has a very forwarding thinking approach to their goods. The people behind HOLSTEE care about the entire lifecycle of their products and that they have a positive impact in the present and the future. Looking at business from the people, planet and products lenses. Cool! 

I’m not sure what the buzz word is for these business practices; however, it seems like a trend among many small alternative or boutique companies. I wonder if in the future big  business will find ways to offer affordable goods (products and services) that have only positive impact on people, planet and goods in the present and future.

For example…conducting business in the present in ways that:

  • doesn’t tire people out and allows them to have excess time— employees in global organizations, foreign manufacturers,
  • maintains or improves the quality of the environment in which the goods are offered— farms, local communities, bodies of water,
  • develops goods reusing as many existing resources before creating new— find ways to repurpose “garbage”, find new ways to use recyclable stuff.