Chipping away at research for Fall 2012 Euro-trip. After last meeting with Tom last weekend, the path is clearer and zoning in on specific cities to research is easier.

My approach to “getting things done” is to put the intentions out there and work on them slowly while managing other projects.

– surveyed my Facebook friends,
– subscribed to (liked) many travel resources and graze relevant material,
– read Lonely Planet’s October 2011 Europe on a Shoestring Budget book,
– and, finally, made a grid, above, of interesting activities, accommodations and food sources in each city we’re considering.

I enjoy this approach because it facilitates the opportunity to evaluate the attractiveness of each city using data versus gut impressions. Tom has been doing summer Euro-trips for the past 2 years and suggested developing a rubric to evaluate each destination. More on rubrics at another time though.