Valentine’s Day dinner 2012.

Veal slathered in a orange, shallot, basil, tomato sauce.

Cucumber, tomato, onion bisque with avocado. 

Peach pecan muffins.

And here’s the low-down:

If it wasn’t my first time making all of these dishes, they would be easy and fast to prepare. I loved the bisque and will definitely be making it again. Saute a diced onion in butter. Mix in flour to create a sauce consistency. Add in diced tomatoes and cucumbers. Simmer for 30 minutes. Cool and blenderize! Mix in whipping cream. Serve with avocados. AWESOME! Love, love, loved this.

The veal was also relatively easy to prepare. Veal itself is super quick to cook…4 minutes on one side and 3 on the other, allow cooling in the pan and you get a nice, medium hunk of veal. The orange sauce was more time-consuming. It’s a base of white wine, orange juice and puree of shallots and minced orange peel, reduced to a concentrate. Then mixed with tomatoes, basil, butter and whipping cream. I liked the orange flavor and it won’t go to waste; however, I’ve cooked veal in a mustard-y sauce and prefer that better.

The peach muffins were good. I will be eating them for breakfast and/or giving them away at work, but unfortunately not making them again. When I have a muffin, I expect all sorts of delight. Texture. Taste. Smell. After taste. And these muffins only sufficed ½ of these categories. Worth a shot!