Goose eggs for lazy Sunday brunch. Picked up 2 eggs from the Lancaster County Farmer’s Market in Wayne, PA, USA. The suckers were $4/each, 2-3x the size of a hen egg. See the size comparison between a goose egg (white one), hen’s egg (brown one) and a quail’s egg (spotted one).

The eggs were prepared scrambled with half & half, in delicate seasonings (dry chives, ground tri-color peppercorns and Himalayan sea salt) to avoid overpowering the natural taste and cooked in a metal mixing bowl in a pot of hot water. Because the eggs are so rich, it’s recommended to cook them slowly to avoid burning them. 

The recipe came out very delicious. The eggs had the texture of medium-coarse, though extremely tender sausage…even tasted a little like sausage…but mostly had their own distinct taste.

I enjoyed the goose egg experience, but will stick to chicken eggs. Each goose egg has a ton of nutrients (iron, selenium, choline, B12, lutein), has ~266 calories, and contains ~1220mg of cholesterol…that’s over 400% of a 2000-caloric diet’s daily needs!