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Easy Mexican Night

One of my favorite meals to make is Tex-Mex/Mexican night. I usually make a handful of dishes. The only requirement for each one? That they’re easy and quick. This night’s meal was: spiced… Continue reading

Squash, Potato and Bean Ragout

Squash, Potato and Bean Ragout This dish, like many recipes I cook, was inspired by ingredients I already had on hand and wanted to use up. I googled ideas for butternut squash, beans… Continue reading

Homemade mascarpone cheese is REALLY easy to make!

For this year’s Thanksgiving, I changed-up my recipe for mashed potatoes to one which has mascarpone in it.  I went with a roasted garlic potatoes recipe again, but this time the potatoes were… Continue reading

Easy, fancy, no-knead bread recipe using a Dutch oven

If you’re a novice bread baker with high aspirations of crafting beautiful loaves that are crusty on the outside, and are spongy and nonuniform on the inside, and who has tried attaining this… Continue reading

Dessert Recipes To Make With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

I..can’t. Do. This. Enjoy! Dessert Recipes To Make With Your Leftover Halloween Candy


Have excess arugula? Don’t fear. Try out SilverPen’s quinoa and arugula recipe (image included in this post). In my variation I used: arugula, tri-color quinoa, yellow onion, cherry tomatoes, French feta cheese, lemon… Continue reading

Irish Soda Bread

Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by baking 3 loaves of Irish soda bread using Barefoot Contessa’s recipe. By the way, the trick to kneading without a mess or skewing the flour to liquid ratio is to rub… Continue reading


Quinoa, veggie and spicy poultry sausage stuffed peppers. Parboil gutted bell peppers. Sauté finely chopped onions, mushrooms, green peppers and carrots. Stir in pepper, garlic and red pepper flakes. Combine sausage and cook.… Continue reading


Homemade honey and brown sugar granola bars with almonds, wheat germ, cherries and apricots.


Simple pork – organic, pan-fried, seasoned with S&P. Whipped cauliflower – whipped with cheddar and Parmesan, roasted carrots, shallots and garlic garnish mixed in. Aromatic garnish – side of above veggie mix.