Exploring at John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove in Audubon, PA

Exploring at John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove in Audubon, PA 

After a week of flashback cold temperatures in the Philadelphia-area, we were rewarded with sunny, mildly breezy, 66° weather today. Spending it outdoors was a no-brainer. I chose well spending my afternoon exploring at the beautiful, Philly ‘burbs hidden gem, John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove, because I was one of 10 people on this 175-acre property.

“Mill Grove is the first home of John James Audubon in America and the only true Audubon home still standing in this country.

Mill Grove Audubon Center is maintained as a museum and bird sanctuary, with 5 miles of marked trails, and welcomes 20,000 visitors a year including scouting groups and local schools. The Center hosts four major public events during the year.”
(Quoted portion is an excerpt from the Mill Grove website.)

While it wasn’t immediately apparent to me where the trails began, after a little meandering, I found benches overlooking a vast meadow, the Perkiomen Creek, and finally a series of trails, one of which was the wildflower trail.

I was glad I stumbled upon this trail because it was the one I set out to find. And lucky for me, I stumbled upon it in gorgeous, dewey, blooming, spring weather while enjoying the contrast of budding greenery, blooming yellows, pinks and purples, and light from nature’s striking blue light bulb.

The museum was closed for renovations, but I’d like to come back again when it’s open to learn more about Audubon and this property. But in the meantime, enjoy my photos.