How to drink hot green tea like a master (even if you have “cat tongue”) | RocketNews24

In Japan the notion of not being able to drink or eat something hot is referred to as nekojita. Someone who is like this is said to have “cat tongue” because cats drink with the ends of their tongues. Below is an excerpt on how to properly avoid having cat’s tongue and in turn consume hot foods or drinks. This is from the blog where I stumbled upon nekojita. The whole article is a quick read and interesting glimpse into Japanese culture and the author’s experience in Japan.

“Apparently, people who have, or “are” as they say in Japan, nekojita tend to sip hot drinks with their tongues extended. The tongue is most sensitive to heat at its tip, though, so this just makes the liquid feel hotter.

Instead, the tip of the tongue should be pressed against the back of the bottom teeth, keeping it out of the way of the incoming liquid. Instead of tilting the cup back and letting the tea flow directly into your mouth, inhale the tea with a bit of air to further cool it, in the same way that ramen broth is slurped in Japan.

Follow the whole proess up with a prolonged, “Ahhhh!” or ‘Attamaru!’ (‘That really warms you up!’), and you’re all set to drink green tea like a native.” Casey Baseel

How to drink hot green tea like a master (even if you have “cat tongue”) | RocketNews24