When it’s right, you know

Have you ever agonized over a decision or a plan and put so much effort in but saw no desirable result?

This recently happened to me while planning a vacation. The original vacation was supposed to happen in May, but did not. Life just got so hectic that we settled on an easier trip to a destination I’ve previously been, which required no air travel and would cost 1/3 the amount of Hawaii. 

So since Hawaii did not happen in May, it became the destination that we would visit later in the year for a birthday. And so the year went on, and we didn’t plan, and then we invested an entire weekend researching activities, accommodations, transportation, food, parks, etc. 

And at the end of the weekend, we still had a trip in the works that did not feel right and didn’t seem to have any value despite the cost we would spend visiting HI. And so here is November, with a trip pending for January where nothing has been decided or booked.

I am sure you can feel the agony, defeat and impatience at this point.

Finally, my partner came up with the idea of a trip centered around a common hobby that we both love – cooking. Immediately – like a switch – the idea felt exactly right and purposeful. And so this trip was born and booked within 6 hours of being presented.

We will be visiting Napa Valley, CA to attend a boot camp training at Culinary Institute of America St. Helena campus. We’re staying in a B&B that is heralded for its customer service. And we’ll be celebrating my birthday in style. 

The moral of this story is that when it’s right, it just feels right and it’s effortless and the pieces fall together. When it’s wrong, no amount of deliberation (as I found out) will make it right and you’ll still feel bad after you’ve spent your time. Next time you’re booking a trip, reflect on your needs and go from there…spend time only when you’ve gotten the concept right.