Olive Oil Fried Day Old Bread Toast


Looking for fancy? Keep shuffling past this. One “waste-not” challenge I frequently face is with my favorite bread which turns uncrusty after the first day.

Usually we end up finishing the loaf within hours ’cause it’s so good, but on days when it’s a loaf for two, that’s near impossible.

I’ve searched ideas for leftover bread and have some in my arsenal such as an Italian panzanella salad, croutons (yeah, cliché!), bread crumbs (even more cliché), stuffing (OK now we’re getting somewhere), but really I’d like to use the bread in its bread form.

And so here goes…toast pan fried in olive oil. It’s delicious!!!!! Especially this loaf with its beautiful crumb. I discovered this when I pan fried a slice in the oil and chicken offal bits as a way to eat any possible remainders of the chicken liver and heart. And it was so delicious. Sadly I have no more organ meats left to fry, but I do have oil and bread.

Cranked up the gas, heated up the oil, and fried until I saw smoke on both sides! This bread can even be salvaged this was for pan fried sandwiches.