Spring has sprung dinner; Albacore Tuna & Edamame Fettuccine


In the Northeast United States, today’s weather is an anomaly; 60°, breezy and sunny. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it is March and Easter is around the corner. With the weather so light, I also prepared a light meal, mostly light by coincidence.

At Whole Foods yesterday, I picked up wild-caught USA Albacore tuna on sale; a steak for $4; beautiful, organic red chard from CA; and oddly from Wegmans an organic edamame and mung bean fettuccine pasta. This entire meal is full of ingredients that are novel to me, so here’s my stab at a tasty meal.

The tuna I pan-fried. I patted it dry, sprinkled it with salt, fennel pollen, dried ginger and summer savory; rubbed a little olive oil on it and fried it until there was only a little pink in the middle. I don’t frequently cook fresh white tuna — yes, this is the stuff that’s usually in cans — but this was good and I would make it again, albeit marinate it if I had extra time.

The fettuccine was super interesting. It’s from the international aisle at Wegmans and touts to: have 86g protein and 36g fiber per bag, have only beans and water and be “ridiculously nutritious and delicious”. It was both!!! I had some leftover basil and spinach pesto which I tossed the pasta in. The “pasta’s” cooked texture is very bouncy. Not chewy, but bouncy and unlike any food I’ve ever eaten. It’s made in China and imported by a company in Red Bank, NJ.


This is the organic edamame and mung bean fettucine packaging and what it looks like dry.

The red chard salad is from three, large, chopped chard leaves served with chopped sumo orange and broccoli. The dressing was a honey, orange, and toasted sesame oil vinaigrette dressing. I really enjoyed this salad and would make it again.

I really loved this meal because it was full of new and tasty ingredients which I learned about and experimented with.