Roasted black bass


I kept seeing recipes for fish and was enticed to practice cooking this protein. Whole Foods was running a special on wild, black bass, so I picked up a small 1.5 pounder.
I didn’t do anything fancy to it. And the fish guy at WH even cleaned it up for me – no newspapers and descaling for me. I sliced 6 pieces of lemon, rubbed inside and outside with salt and pepper, and ghee and roasted it for 35 or so minutes. Once the bass tempted at 135°, I took it out.
The fish was very tasty. Very meaty, but gentle and flaky. It wasn’t difficult to cook. The only down side with a whole fish is managing the bones. Luckily black bass have substantial bones so it wasn’t difficult to find and remove them.
Next time I buy a whole fish, I’m going to cook it in a salt dome. This was just experimentation to get used to the animal.