My favorite set of leftovers ingredients

The perfect set of leftover ingredients happened to curate themselves in my fridge. 

I had a whole breast from a store bought rotisserie chicken, a head of lettuce from the farmer’s market two weekends ago, two slices of seeded sourdough, and a bunch of staples to make dressing. 

For the past week I thought my lettuce was doomed for sure. It’s been in the fridge for so long that I was sure I’d find green sludge. I was surprised that the lettuce held up well.
My two slices of stale bread turned into croutons tossed in olive oil and fresh herbs after I broiled them for 5 minutes.

And for the dressing? An egg, fresh chunks of parm cheese, s&p, two anchovies, small slice of garlic and olive oil all into my hand blender mini food processor attachment. Viola!

The aftermath of my cooking isn’t pretty, but the result sure is tasty!