Ribeye and shallot/garlic mashed potatoes

TGIF. This week blew by so quickly. I was out shopping for the holidays and by the time I got home and around to cooking dinner, it was pretty late. 9, 10pm kind of late. I was surprised I was even in the mood to cook.

I had a beautiful Angus ribeye from Trader Joe’s in the fridge and also some small potatoes.

This week I bought a few new cookbooks and one of them is CookWise: The Hows & Whys of Successful Cooking by Shirley Corriher. This book has tricks in it which explains science behind recipes and how to elevate your recipes and make them fail proof.

One recipe in there is for shallot and garlic mashed potatoes. It calls for cooking the potatoes once for 20 minutes to halt the starch, and then cooking again to complete.

The mashed potatoes have shallots and garlic sauteed in butter mixed in along with just a little bit of heavy cream (oh pity!). They came out delicious. 

I’m not sure anything came from the technique of cooking twice since I thought my potatoes came out a little gummy after I hand-mixer blitzed them. 

They could have not turned out that way if I just plain mashed them, not sure if the hand mixer had anything to do with it. I look forward to reading and experimenting with more techniques from the book.

The steak came out incredible! It was rare, juicy, nice crust, and so very tender. It must have been one of the finest steaks that I had in a long time. I finished it with truffle butter and Maldon salt flakes.

So amazing!