Tex-Mex Meals for Days: Sous Vide Beef Chuck, Salad Bowl & Tortilla Pizza

I picked up new equipment to be able to sous vide including this vacuum gun. After the holidays, the supermarkets always have an exodus of great meat on sale so I picked up this Angus Chuck to make pulled beef out of. I seasoned it with spices and also dried ancho peppers (dried poblano peppers). I had it sous viding for 3 days at 155°.

Picture of the beef after I cleaned off the fat and prepped it in the bag.

What the meat looked like after 3 days of sous viding.

Another after shot.

The beef along with the fluid and fat from the bag.

The beef along with the rest of Tex Mex night sides; romaine lettuce, homemade refried black beans, guacamole, brown jasmine rice, organic salsa, and whole fat Greek yogurt.

I had a surplus of tortillas and other ingredients and made faux pizzas using salsa as the base sauce, refried beans layer, mixed taco cheese, queso fresco cheese, pulled beef and shredded fresh cilantro.