SW-Style Egg Scramble in Cast Iron Pan

This morning was a great Saturday morning. It had all of the elements that great Saturday mornings are made of; nowhere to be, no alarms, piles of warm blankets, sunny reprieve after a week of rain and clouds, and just the right ingredients to satisfy a craving.

I used two ungraded eggs from a farmer’s market (they were probably extra large), a 1/4 of a medium onion, red and green pepper diced. The eggs mixture I prepared as I usually would for scrambled eggs. I thick-diced the veggies and sauteed them for a bit to meld the flavors and so the texture softened up. 

After a few minutes of sauteing, I threw in baby spinach, and the egg mixture on the side, patiently and consistently scraping the eggs in a usual scrambled egg preparation. Once the eggs were slightly runny but mostly cooked, I mixed in with the veggies and threw in some taco shredded cheese.

Simple and delicious way to round out this perfect Saturday morning.