Moroheiya – GreeNoodle (green noodles)

On my way home after a long week of managing and slaying to-do lists, I was craving noodles and carbs. I picked up semolina angel hair from a specialty Italian brand, some rice noodles in a shrimp flavor, and finally these green noodles made from a plant called moroheiya. If it isn’t obvious, I was strolling my grocer’s international aisle.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the green noodles and figured they would be really strange, but I’ve eaten other odd noodles (here) before and was pleasantly surprised by them.

These were no different. Apparently the moroheiya plant has all sorts of nutritional value according to the manufacturer, but the texture was also good. It wasn’t chewy like an octopus, but chewy the way pasta is with a little bit more of a bounce in the bite.

I should have taken a picture because of the novelty, but I ate the entire package with a pasta sauce and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Slam dunk! It was delicious and there was no “this isn’t real pasta” omnipresence about the meal.