Cod cakes

A couple weeks ago I was on some kind of a kick and bought a bag of pre-cut cabbage slaw mix. I made the slaw and thought I need some fish with this. I bought the fish, the slaw sat, and I didn’t get to eat it together.

Fast forward to today! A balmy, warm, summer Sunday. I decided to make the cod. At first I thought about a simple preparation; seasoned and Pan-American in butter. Then after scouring for recipe ideas, I found a cod cake recipe from NYT.

I had just about a pound of cod (0.87 lb.) And most of the ingredients. I followed the recipe mostly to a tee and had no issues.


  • 1c of panko for saltines
  • Add a squeeze of tomato paste and Trader Joe’s umami paste to the bind mixture
  • Used light flavor olive oil to fry the cakes
  • Did not have any parsley

“Everything” including the cod and the bind mixture.

I formed patties using a 1/3 cup measuring spoon.

Pan-fried with a smear of mayo for browning.

Brown on both sides.

Let the grease soak off.