Greenoodles with Super Greens Pesto & Argentinian Red Shrimp

Last week I impulsively and optimisticly bought a container of baby super greens. They were the kind that Panera uses for their green goddess salad and because I love that salad so much, I felt warmed to finding ways to make salads and finishing a whole box of it outside of my Panera lunches.
Realistically what actually happened is I made salad for lunch one day, I made breakfast sandwiches a couple mornings and stuffed some super greens in there. And well. That was it. I was left pretty much with an entire box that needed to be used up.

Queue in…..Pesto! At a cooking class I learned how easy it is to mix up pestos and make them with asparagus, spinach or use different types of nuts like almonds instead of the traditional pignolias. I was inspired! I will use up all of that damn salad by turning it into a sauce! 

The other flashback I had was of the nutritious greenoodles I found a couple weeks ago. The shrimp were an impulse buy at Trader Joe’s. I haven’t eaten shrimp in a while and wanted to stock up on them as a protein. And so my dinner plan was born.

To make the pesto, I put fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, S&P, basil cubes, Parmesan cheese and pignolias into my food processor after blitzing the greens.