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Vintage travel posters from the early to mid 20th century compliments of Boston Public Library Flickr album. Follow the link to see hundreds more.

Kay`s Explorer Guide to Solo Travel (4-part guide)

In response to my previous post about not delaying travel plans, I am following up with a four-part guide oozing with suggestions to enhance your solo trip and minimize the occurrence of “crappy” things… Continue reading

Stop Delaying That Big Trip. Stop It.

(By the way, the title of this post is a link to the Thought Catalog article by Chelsea Fagan which my blog entry is my commentary on) As someone that has put off traveling for… Continue reading


Chipping away at research for Fall 2012 Euro-trip. After last meeting with Tom last weekend, the path is clearer and zoning in on specific cities to research is easier. My approach to “getting… Continue reading


It`s better to travel well than to arrive. Buddha

Like AirBnb? Here`s more private accommodation ideas

Check out Michelle Higgins’, a New York Times Travel reporter, great article about private rental services in the vein of AirBnb. This is great info for peregrinators* into frugal or unique experience accommodations.  Check out Michelle’s reviews on… Continue reading