Sockeye Salmon Burger, Brown Rice Medley and Lemon/Basil Aioli

I had a long day of exploring, commuting, and getting errands done. It was also an unseasonably warm day outside which in food translated into a light meal. My local farmer’s market has… Continue reading

Healthy artichoke dip

This post along with many others aren’t posted real-time. This dip was the way I gave nod to the super bowl last weekend. It’s a healthy version with Greek yogurt, reduced fat yogurt… Continue reading

Rib eye steak with sweet potato gratin

Completed dish with kosher ribeye steak, sweet potato and onion gratin with dried rosemary, and light onion gravy sauce. Resulted in a midweek dinner along with leftovers for the week. Slowly fried up… Continue reading

Saturday breakfast – Eggs and kale

During the winter time, my local farmer’s market turns bi-weekly and about half the size of the vendors. Two weeks ago, one of the farms had a hybrid kale/brussel sprout and it was… Continue reading

SW-Style Egg Scramble in Cast Iron Pan

This morning was a great Saturday morning. It had all of the elements that great Saturday mornings are made of; nowhere to be, no alarms, piles of warm blankets, sunny reprieve after a… Continue reading

Brazilian Salmon Stew (Moqueca)

I wasn’t in the mood for heavy meat this week and decided I’d pick up salmon. After searching for salmon recipes, I somehow stumbled upon this recipe (from Simply Recipes blog) for a… Continue reading

Tex-Mex Meals for Days: Sous Vide Beef Chuck, Salad Bowl & Tortilla Pizza

I picked up new equipment to be able to sous vide including this vacuum gun. After the holidays, the supermarkets always have an exodus of great meat on sale so I picked up… Continue reading

Dry-aged Angus steak and Potatoes

Dry aged Angus steak was tasty. I prepared it using my usual techniques. The potatoes I cubed, boiled, drained and mixed in sauteed shallots, butter and baby spinach. Delicious.

Disgusting Buffalo Chicken Dip

This weekend I attended a random holiday party at a neighbor’s. One of the disgustingly delicious dishes there was a buffalo chicken dip which I gorged on using nacho chips as my oral… Continue reading

Olive oil cake with lemon and dried lavender

Edit: I made this cake using a round cake pan and the bake time is about 30-35 minutes. It also isn’t as rich and oily. This morning I woke up and found outside… Continue reading