Dutch Baby Success!

For a while I’ve been seen Dutch babies and have heard about them. It’s a recipe that’s been on my back burner for some time and this weekend I finally gave it a… Continue reading

I didn’t know I like frozen pierogies this much

After a number of changes in my personal life, I have been given the opportunity to completely reassess my own desires. The amazing thing is that sometimes the narratives you have with yourself… Continue reading

Pan-fried green beans with honey and toasted hazelnuts

Pan-friend in ghee and olive oil, topped with toasted hazelnuts and honey. Quick and tasty afternoon meal.

Garden Caprese Salad

With the exception of the olive oil, pignolias and mozz cheese which I did not grow or make myself, the carbon tomato, black cherry tomatoes and basil did come from my garden! This… Continue reading

It’s a mess capellini

One of my favorite dishes is a simple one that lets the ingredients shine. This is a bunch of vegetables that are sauteed and browned in olive oil, mixed with pasta, toasted pine… Continue reading

Working with what you got

Over the weekend we made homemade Caesar dressing salads and were hankering for more today. We contemplated this dinner, but nixed it because we would need to make a stop at the supermarket… Continue reading

Weekend of Cooking

A weekend that allows me to explore and cook a variety of things is a good weekend and this weekend is definitely one of those. This is my take at an ad-hoc sandwich… Continue reading

Pepper, Leek & Cheddar Quiche Pie

This right here is a whole lot of learning in one photo. It is a quiche/pie in a from-scratch savory crust filled with eggs, cheddar, red peppers, leeks and fresh basil and parsley.… Continue reading

Eggplant, Chicken and Pesto, Oh My!

That shot just about summarizes all of the fun cooking I did this weekend! I fried eggplant spears, made a fresh pesto sauce for angel hair pasta, and roasted a whole, pastured chicken.… Continue reading

Poached eggs, toast and avocado

This dish used to be my favorite at a brunch spot that’s since closed. Harvest bread toast, with two poached eggs, avocado slices and sea salt.