Steak & Eggs dinner

It’s been such an interesting week and so much so that it ‘pooped’ me out. Come Friday night after yoga, my appetite was high and I had just the right things for a… Continue reading

Spinach/Chive linguine tossed with fresh parmesan, pignolia, artichoke hearts and EVOO

Sometimes the best kind of meals are the simplest. This is a combination of stuff..erhhm.. ingredients I had laying around. Linguine pasta from Trader Joe’s tossed with extra virgin oil, Parmesan cheese, pine… Continue reading

Ribeye and shallot/garlic mashed potatoes

TGIF. This week blew by so quickly. I was out shopping for the holidays and by the time I got home and around to cooking dinner, it was pretty late. 9, 10pm kind… Continue reading

Saag “ph”aneer with brown jasmine rice

Great easy recipe with most ingredients on hand. After running out to a smaller health food store for sauerkraut and a loaf of crusty bread, I had to turn around and try a… Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2016

This year has been seeing itself out with quite the bang. Lots of traditions that had time to establish themselves, 2017 is rushing out.  With such theme and spirit in mind, this year’s… Continue reading

My favorite set of leftovers ingredients

The perfect set of leftover ingredients happened to curate themselves in my fridge.  I had a whole breast from a store bought rotisserie chicken, a head of lettuce from the farmer’s market two… Continue reading

Spaghetti squash and chili pie

One of the awesome things about my new town is the option of walking to the farmer’s market on the weekends. Not only is this easier than driving to a grocery store, but… Continue reading

Spinach (saag) curry

Dinnertime rolled around and I was really craving Indian food. There’s a well-rated bistro nearby, but I wouldve had to leave and also dish out additional money for the meal. Sometimes I am… Continue reading

Baba ganoush with toasted pignolias

This was my first time making this dip and very simple to make. I pan-fried slices of eggplant until they were charred. I peeled off the skin and dropped the pulp in a… Continue reading

‘Kitchen Sink’ Breakfast Casserole

Last week was a really busy week filled with all kinds of adventures that prevented me from using up the produce I bought the weekend prior. I had baby spinach, potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini,… Continue reading