Orange cake with berry whipped cream

I don’t pretend to be a quality home baker because my favorite recipes are the fool-proof, easy ones that are good for impatient people. This seemed to be one of those recipes. It… Continue reading

Butternut squash & de puy lentils

A few weekends ago, I had a beautiful menu planned for a winter, birthday dinner. It was going to be an OJ-brined and roasted pasture-raised duck, Spanish-style de puy lentils, and roasted squash… Continue reading

Roasted black bass

I kept seeing recipes for fish and was enticed to practice cooking this protein. Whole Foods was running a special on wild, black bass, so I picked up a small 1.5 pounder. I… Continue reading

Harissa eggs and Tuscan kale

Today’s breakfast was sauteed Tuscan kale with two eggs, Adam’s reserve cheddar, and pepper harissa sauce. Eggs came out with a stripe of bright yellow in the middle and zero ooze…AKA perfect.

Fried brussel sprouts

This year during cooking classes, I discovered how tasty brussel sprouts are and how to cook them properly. Cut off most of the nub end Cut brussel sprouts in half Put oil in… Continue reading

Scrambled eggs cooked in water bath

Surfing the interwebs I came across a recipe from Panna Cooking that demonstrated a scramble and poach technique. So effectively a poaching, but instead of the eggs being whole, they were scrambled. I’m intrigued… Continue reading

Spring has sprung dinner; Albacore Tuna & Edamame Fettuccine

In the Northeast United States, today’s weather is an anomaly; 60°, breezy and sunny. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it is March and Easter is around the corner. With the weather… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes

I’m trying out a diet that is friendly to acid reflux and tried out the “OMG Banana Oatmeal Pancakes” recipe from this book on eating less acid foods in support of acid reflux.… Continue reading

Papaya Chicken

Chicken; drumsticks and breasts, fried. Onions, garlic and ginger; chopped and fried. Chicken was roasted in the onion mixture. Papaya cubes were tossed in at the end.

Dinner tonight: Steak & potatoes

Steak; grass fed filet and strip. Seared and roasted. Brussel sprouts; halved and pan fried. Potatoes; baby yukons, quartered, roasted and pan fried. Mushrooms & onions; baby bellas and sweet, chopped and fried.